Meet Jim

Jim Lemaigre is a proud member of Clearwater River Dene Nation (CRDN) and has built his life and career around community service. Jim recently served on the Chief and Council for his home community, holding several portfolios, including education and natural resources. In addition to serving as the Board of Directors for CRDN's company, RobWell, Jim was a member of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council Board of Education. These experiences allowed him to advocate on behalf of northern communities, including CRDN, with the Canadian Government and various companies exploring northern Saskatchewan.

Jim is a retired member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and is honored to have served in many northern communities and First Nations. Jim speaks Dene fluently and has been recognized by the RCMP for this major asset in communicating with people throughout his career.

Jim has dedicated himself to serving the public and has coordinated many community-based programs including community justice, victim services, northern suicide prevention, and has served as a mental health counsellor in La Loche. Currently, Jim is a program manager for First Nations and Indigenous Policing under the Ministry of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety.